Argos provides enhanced monitoring for Monit, an intelligent, lightweight, proactive monitoring service for Linux. Beyond monitoring for service defects, Argos includes push notification support to your phone via Pushover. Monitoring can be setup to obey quiet hours and require user confirmation for major events, such as maxing out storage or a database outage.

Argos comes installed with apnscp and begins monitoring immediately, but you'll need to perform some activation steps to enable push notifications to your phone.


Changing monitoring parameters

Any tweaks can be made in /etc/monit.d/ following Monit's documentation. To reload Monit, issue sudo systemctl reload monit. All configuration values shipped with Argos are what we recommend and utilize for our servers.

Configuring Argos notifications

First, setup an account with Pushover and download the app - of course - to your phone. Argos requires 3 variables to be set in /root/.argos.conf,


Where ARGOS_NAME is a description of your server, keep it short and sweet; TOKEN is your application token created through Pushover, unique to the monitoring application; and USER is your user key. That's it!

Once set, kill Apache to make sure everything works,

systemctl stop httpd
monit validate

A push notification should arrive to your phone nearly instantaneously. Now confirm the status has changed, then re-run validate to update Monit's internal record and generate a second notice to confirm everything is OK.

monit status apache
monit validate
monit status apache


Extending it further

Argos works great to monitor internally, but what happens if a server goes down? A remote third-party service, such as Hyperspin that monitors externally + provides Pushover integration is a great complement to internal monitoring with Argos. It's what we have used for our servers since 2010 and whole heartedly recommend using. The owner is a nice guy to boot!

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